Duo’s: Levi’s in the time of Covid-19

How to plan and manage a fashion photo shoot in times of Social Distancing?

Approximately a month after my team at Levis and I realized the virus was not going away. The model agencies feverishly started their pitch of sending us models who were quarantined with photographers who can shoot from their homes.

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Rent-a-cat! This is what happens when you’re so lucky to have your neighbor adopt 2 little brother kitties who are very neighborly and love to visit! We love playing with these little buggers and when we have to say work, or eat – out they go!

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Springtime in the age of Corona

Since it’s not easy to be in an upbeat mood every day in these challenges times of a worldwide health crisis, we started to make an effort to focus on the positive things in things, and appreciate our health and all the beauty that surrounds us – including our garden.

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Flora & Fauna: Botanicals of Amastuola

Included in the many many beautiful things about the Puglian winery Amastoula was a simple walk around the grounds. Our visit was in mid May and the wild flowers were everywhere. Crystal clear blue sky, spiky cactus, petal soft poppies and lots of flowers I’d never seen before.

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Amazing Amastuola

Marc made this amazing discover. Where else but Puglia can you spend the night at a fabulous winery, sleep in a totally dreamy room, eat delicious food, of course drink fantastic Puglia wine and not break the bank? Welcome to Amastuola!

Gorgeous Gallipoli

The amazing thing about Puglia is that there is water everywhere. And not just any water but the Adriatic Sea, in all it’s Mediterranean glory. I’m not sure how we landed on Gallipoli but it was a short drive south from Ostuni towards toe of the boot. We were a bit worried about where we would park vs. where our hotel would be but as luck would have it, we found parking not too far from the hotel and the walk with the luggage was doable. This is definitely something to keep in mind when booking these villages that don’t allow cars in the main area.

It’s hard to describe out hotel, somewhat chic but non-splashy and as you spiraled up the labyrinth of tiny stairs you crossed multiple landings with patios with various seaside views.  And finally we saw behind the door which opened up into our somewhat cavernous room with ceilings whitewashed with pale color and windows offering wonderful views of rooftops and water. We spent a couple days here just wandering the tiny streets, walking the perimeter of the town and most of all, taking in the calm of the ocean air.